Argentine Government Uses Dapp To Timestamp Bulletins

Since June 13, 2017, the Argentine government has been using the OpenTimestamps Dapp to mark the times that it releases its official bulletins, which it publishes each weekday. 

OpenTimestamps’s software is interoperable with the Bitcoin blockchain and takes advantage of the platform’s protocols to generate a permanent record of the time at which a given marker was issued. This allows the application’s clients to prove that a particular document or set of data which corresponds to the stamp existed at the time of record creation.

While the daily bulletin is by all accounts a low-stakes use case for decentralized timestamps, the choice to use them indicates the government’s interest in blockchains, which remain a relatively obscure technology some eight years after Bitcoin launched in 2009 to become the world’s first working blockchain.

The Argentine government has yet to offer any official statements revealing its position on the technology, but several medium-to-low level officials have publicly expressed interest in blockchain’s potential.