A New Way to Manage Your DAOs

Wings.ai wants to make your upcoming DAO a reality.

The open source platform is currently in its development phase. However, it is already offering more control to future owners and members to their DAO projects. The company also does not want to intimidate possible DAO owners, and so it is making the platform easy for those who have never worked with or setup a DAO before.

Wings.ai aims to put the control of the DAO back into the hands of the people. One feature of the platform includes the Chatbot, an instant messaging feature that will improve the management of projects. Owners and members will have a clearer format to vote on, review, and see which project to contribute to in the future.

Unlike most platforms, Wings.ai is agnostic towards various blockchains. The open source platform supports Ethereum, Rootstock, and Bitcoin to secure its tokens and smart contracts.

Wings.ai announced they will be attending Devcon2 next week in Shanghai. The team will also be attending a Shanghai meetup the following week where they will present the first public demo of their product.

We will provide more information when the startup releases their whitepaper.