2FA Confusion Amid Alleged Breach Of Bitmain Customer Data

On August 21, 2017, several redditors on r/bitcoin and r/cryptocurrency reported that Bitmain, a high-end ASIC chip manufacturer and bitcoin mining operation, had been hacked. Customer data on an older server was apparently compromised, leading Bitmain to ask users to change their passwords. Redditor manummasson posted a screenshot of an e-mail that he claims he received from Bitmain.


“Dear users

Because our other old system attacked by hackers, part of user data leaked. We recommend you reset your credential information immediately. Any other account use the same credentials should also be updated immediately.

We apologize for the inconvenience.”

ETHNews spoke with redditor andonevris who said, “I can confirm. I tried to log in to my account yesterday and was greeted with a message that the server had been breached and user data was stolen but was encrypted, also advised to change my password.”

Redditor DimensionsOfHell also confirmed manummasson’s report, adding that bitcoin and Litecoin were stolen from his Bitmain account over the last two weeks. DimensionsOfHell complained that the company had simply instructed him to reset his password while ignoring the inquiry about his stolen funds.

Although Bitmain has not confirmed the hack on any of its official channels, many users have posted in the company’s forum to complain about a recently implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) process. It’s possible that Bitmain hastily enacted 2FA to address the password theft.

Unfortunately, a significant number of customers did not previously have 2FA enabled. Now, for some reason, when these users try to log in, the Bitmain website requests a non-existent 2FA code.

Earlier today, user cibermax posted, “I have the same problem no authenticator set. Now the site wants a 2fa code from me that I can’t possibly supply.”

Bitmain is one of the most powerful companies in the bitcoin world, supplying Antminer products and running a massive mining operation. Any threat to the company’s customers or technology could pose a significant risk to the bitcoin network. It’s worth noting that Bitmain may also be exploring mining opportunities for bitcoin cash.