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AI Crypto Tokens Witness Surge Amid OpenAI Leadership Shake-Up

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  • AI-related cryptocurrencies, including GRT, AGIX, and OCEAN, have experienced significant price surges amid the recent OpenAI and Sam Altman saga.
  • These surges align with the global increase in the crypto market cap and are influenced by the growing interest and development in blockchain and AI technologies.

AI Cryptos Gain Momentum in Tandem with Tech Industry Developments

In the wake of the recent developments involving OpenAI and its former CEO Sam Altman, the cryptocurrency market has seen a notable upswing in AI-related tokens. This trend reflects the broader interest in artificial intelligence within the tech and financial sectors.

Spotlight on Top AI Cryptocurrencies

The Graph (GRT) has seen a substantial increase of 7.23%, reaching $0.138 as of November 20. Over the past week, GRT has also shown a 4.11% rise. This performance is tied to the ongoing growth and development of blockchain technology and decentralized applications (DApps), positioning GRT as a key player in the industry.

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SingularityNET (AGIX) Shows Robust Growth

SingularityNET’s token AGIX has risen by 14.21% in the past 24 hours, with a significant 19.51% increase over the last week, reaching a price of $0.30. The platform, known for enabling the creation, sharing, and monetization of AI services through blockchain, is benefiting from the expanding global development in AI technologies.

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) Rides the Wave

Ocean Protocol’s OCEAN token has also joined the bullish trend, with a 10.42% increase over the past day and a 13.45% rise over the week, now valued at $0.47. The token’s trading volume surged by 105.18%, reaching $75.11 million, indicating growing investor interest in this data exchange protocol.

The Ripple Effect of OpenAI’s Chronicle

The AI cryptocurrency market’s recent buoyancy is closely linked to the upheaval at OpenAI following Sam Altman’s departure. This event has reverberated through the tech world, sparking speculation about Altman’s and Greg Brockman’s new ventures, particularly their collaboration with Microsoft.

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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has expressed concerns over the potential negative impact of this leadership change on OpenAI, likening it to the value destruction observed at Google due to similar dynamics. This sentiment reflects the wider apprehension and intrigue within the AI and tech communities.


The surge in AI-focused cryptocurrencies like GRT, AGIX, and OCEAN highlights the growing intersection of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. As the saga at OpenAI unfolds, it continues to influence market sentiments and investor interest, underscoring the dynamic and interconnected nature of the tech and financial ecosystems.

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