Agrello announces ethereum blockchain

Estonian legally-focused blockchain startup Agrello has selected Ethereum as the foundation for its platform while retaining compatibility with a growing list of other blockchain stacks, including Metaverse, Antshares, Lisk, QTUM, RSK, and NEM.

In a blog post, Agrello said:

 "The Ethereum ecosystem is the best established blockchain community out there, and serves as an attractor to world-class talent from across the industry. This is not only true in terms of technical development and entrepreneurial potential, but also in terms of organizational maturity and the ability to cooperate with regulators and legacy organizations to drive blockchain adoption mainstream ... the Agrello prototype will be developed for the Ethereum ecosystem and operate on the basis of an Ethereum token, essentially backed by Ether."

Agrello's mission statement declares intentions to empower base-level users "without coding or legal skills to form legally-binding agreements on the blockchain," in an effort to "streamline production processes through the automation of resource allocation." Agrello's unique GUI enables users to assemble executable distributed code contracts (EDCCs), which are fed into a compiler to become code, then managed and executed by intelligent agents, and governed by BDI software models.

On the company's blog, Agrello CEO Hando Rand explains the company's choice for integrating Ethereum:

 “Operating at the intersection of the legal system, financial institutions and disruptive technologies, Agrello is highly dependent on the establishment of good industrial relationships with the off-chain world. We regard the work done by the Ethereum foundation on this matter as invaluable, and seek to be an active player in the field, lending our hand to promote this effort even further.”

Agrello was founded in 2016 under the premise of workflow efficiency, interoperability between various blockchains, and fostering mass adoption of the technology in the established legal ecosystem. Ethereum lends itself to those ends by providing a preexisting framework of EDCCs that, with a bit of tweaking, can be customized to fit Agrello's specific needs.

Once live, Agrello's product has the capability to reduce the distance between the layman and the formation of courtroom-ready legal agreements.

Jeremy Nation is a writer living in Los Angeles with interests in technology, human rights, and cuisine. He is a full time staff writer for ETHNews and holds value in Ether.
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