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ETHNews is the central hub for all things Ethereum.

Content. We are a media channel devoted to fostering real world change by providing quality content and resources. For beginners, developers, investors and all those in between, ETHNews provides comprehensive documentation to aid and promote the adaptation of the biggest development in internet technology within recent memory. We cover breaking news and provide complex analyses of market movements, trends, price indexes, companies and influencers.

Community. Ethereum is fortified by its community—therefore creating a safe, productive, and beneficial online community which enhances its security, features, and protocols. ETHNews promotes peer-to-peer interaction, discussion and advice, resource sharing, networking, an international job board, and other forms of social engagement. Through this engagement, connections may procure development and produce positive outcomes. The experienced are able to teach the fundamentals to, and bestow wisdom upon the novices, and casual conversation can turn into collective collaboration. ETHNews’ positive environment also acts as a place for connections to cultivate the myriad of benefits in the formidable cryptographic arsenal known as, Ethereum.

Commitment.Over the past few years, Ethereum has transformed from a forward-thinking vision into the technological foundation for a real course correction as to how humans interact in the digital world. We believe that the Ethereum blockchain is the platform that will allow individuals to regain and maintain control over their digital presence. ETHNews commits to educate, cultivate, and encourage the acceptance and development of new services, businesses and ventures to be built on the blockchain.

At ETHNews, we wholeheartedly believe that the potential to build on the powerful architecture of the Ethereum platform will transform our everyday lives in the most fundamental ways.


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