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A New Global Currency on the Horizon: Will Bitcoin Rise as BRICS Nations Challenge the US Dollar?

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  • Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the UAE appear to be the top contenders for joining the BRICS alliance in 2023, offering economic strength and strategic geographical positioning.
  • BRICS is an economic coalition of five fast-growing economies, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, known for its ambition to create a counterweight to Western economic dominance.

The forthcoming BRICS Summit promises to be a pivotal moment, not just for the existing members – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – but for those countries eager to join this robust economic collective. As discussions regarding expansion take center stage, three nations have emerged as likely candidates for 2023 membership: Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Saudi Arabia: A Strategic Powerhouse

First in line is Saudi Arabia, whose potential for economic impact makes it a compelling addition to the bloc’s New Development Bank. This resource-rich nation has previously indicated a willingness to fund BRICS development projects, thereby enhancing the bloc’s attractiveness to emerging economies. Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s potential influence on the proposed BRICS currency cannot be underestimated, adding a significant financial player to the bloc’s lineup.

Iran: Aligning with the Global South

Iran’s geographical location and strategic alliances make it a strong contender for BRICS membership. This nation has been proactive in reaching out to existing BRICS members like South Africa and India, illustrating its commitment to aligning with the global south. Iran’s aspiration to weaken Western dominance aligns seamlessly with BRICS’ ethos, making it an excellent candidate for the expansion plans.

United Arab Emirates: Deepening Economic Ties

The UAE’s acceptance into the BRICS bloc seems almost inevitable given its existing connections. Having already joined the bloc’s New Development Bank in 2021, the country’s strong economic ties with China and India, as well as significant investments in Russia since 2010, serve as solid foundations for deeper integration. The mutual economic benefits of this relationship make the UAE a natural choice for inclusion in the BRICS alliance.

While Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the UAE are frontrunners, other nations, including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Argentina, and Egypt, are also in contention. These countries have expressed enthusiasm for the BRICS’ de-dollarization efforts and a desire to be part of the collective. As BRICS continues to seek strategic expansion to enhance its growth, these nations could potentially bolster the bloc’s influence on the global economic stage.

As we head towards the BRICS summit, anticipation grows over these potential additions to the bloc. The expansion could reshape the dynamics of this influential economic coalition, setting the stage for new collaborations, opportunities, and potentially, a stronger challenge to Western economic hegemony.

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