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A Cosmic Boost: Terraform Labs to Support All Cosmos Chains Infrastructure

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  • Terraform Labs’ CEO Chris Amani announces plans to provide infrastructure support for all Cosmos chains, potentially reducing significant costs.
  • The announcement led to a price surge in Cosmos ecosystem tokens, reflecting the positive market reaction.

Revolutionizing Interchain Connectivity: Terraform Labs Ushers in New Era for Cosmos Ecosystem

Chris Amani, the newly appointed CEO of Terraform Labs, has made a pivotal announcement that stands to bolster the entire Cosmos network. Amani declared that Terraform Labs is set to extend infrastructure support to all chains within the Cosmos ecosystem. This strategic move is anticipated to slash the towering costs associated with running blockchain infrastructure, marking a leap forward for Cosmos chains and their operators.

Amani elucidated the model in a TFL Telegram group, outlining that the infrastructure service would be complimentary for all applications debuting on Terra. However, the offering expands beyond, available to any chain within Cosmos, which encapsulates those appended with ‘Classic.’ The financial model proposed for this service involves a mutually agreed portion of inflation directed towards LUNA, Terra’s native token, as compensation for the infrastructure support.

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Cosmos Chain’s Positive Market Response

The response from the Cosmos community was immediate and discernibly positive, with a significant uptick in the prices of tokens within the ecosystem following Amani’s announcement. In the 24 hours succeeding the reveal, ATOM witnessed an 8% appreciation, reaching a new value of $8.13. Additionally, JUNO soared by an impressive 142% to $0.66, while OSMO and EVMOS saw a 25% and 28% surge respectively.

In contrast, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) experienced a minor setback, with a 3% decline over the same period. This dip slightly offset the gains accrued over the previous week, with LUNC’s trading range fluctuating between $0.0000635 and $0.0000664.

A Turning Point for Infrastructure Costs

The initiative is a game-changer, particularly for community members and developers within the Terra Luna Classic community, who have been urged to seize this opportunity to reduce infrastructure expenditures significantly. By leveraging Terraform Labs’ proposed model, chains can reallocate resources typically reserved for infrastructure towards further innovation and development, potentially accelerating growth and stability across the board.

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