blockchain b9lab
September 21st 2016
Satoshi Oath is Central to Blockchain Ethics
B9lab calls for the Satoshi Oath and encourages developers to declare their commitment to these founding principles by signing the oath on the blockchain and incorporating those principles into their practices.
Blockchain initiative thomas reuters
September 21st 2016
Reuters and uPort Present at Devcon2
Tim Nugent of Thomson Reuters gives an overview of what they're working on and uPort presents their user-friendly key management and identity platform.
devcon day2image
September 20th 2016
Devcon2: Day 2 Recap
Day 2 Presents: Cash Eth, discussions about running different languages on the EVM, a panel on contract security, MetaMask raps about how easy it is to run Ethereum in your browser, and teasers of the Go Ethereum client.
devcon day1
September 19th 2016
Ethereum Community Buzzing after Opening Day at Devcon2
Those who made the trip to Shanghai for Devcon2, were treated to an action-filled day of forward-thinking presentations from leaders all over the world in Ethereum and blockchain technology. This is the Opening Day recap.

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