ETH recap birthday
August 4th 2016
Ethereum Turns One: A Year Recap
Ethereum, the decentralized blockchain-based distributed computing platform that enables smart contracts, recently turned one on the public market. While there wasn’t a cake, balloons, or a party- it certainly deserves a written ovation for its accomplishments over the past year.
100 working on ETH
August 3rd 2016
I Am 100% Working on ETH
Today the Ethereum Reddit page became flooded with posts of tweets from some of the top names in Ethereum. Each tweet states: I am working 100% on ETH.
51 pool
August 1st 2016
Proposed 51% Attack on the ETC
A group called 51Pool is an anti-ETC group that is rallying together to execute the infamous 51% attack to destroy the ETC network.
Ethereum/Bitcoin ATM
August 1st 2016
The Ethereum and Bitcoin ATM
There's an Ether and Bitcoin Hybrid ATM out in the world!
Ethereum applications in use today.
July 29th 2016
Ethereum Applications in use Today
Even though Ethereum may only be in its second stage of development, there are still quite a few real-world applications that are being used now.

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