international blockchain devcon2
July 5th 2016
International Blockchain Week and DEVCON2 Details Announced
The final details on the highly anticipated International Blockchain Week have been announced. From September 19th- 24th in Shanghai, developers, investors, and enthusiasts of Ethereum and blockchain technology will have the chance to attend these events.
smart contract
July 1st 2016
The Hard Fork Simplified
Some things are hard, but the hard fork doesn't have to be. This is what the hard fork will really do and why doing nothing won't work for The DAO.
robin hood DAO hack 1024x512
June 24th 2016
Where the DAO stands NOW: Voting on the Soft Fork
Complications are simply happenstance, so we should all have a seat and take a deep breath. Here’s a recap of the recent exploitation of the DAO and what’s going on with it now.
Blockchain world expo
June 18th 2016
Blockchain World Expo Opens Registration
Toronto will be seeing its first largest blockchain Expo in September, so register today! The largest event of its kind, this expo plans to demystify the blockchain and bring together professionals of varying sectors. Amazing VIP options included.

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