kanye ethereum shoe
July 5th 2016
Kanye West and Ethereum: A Match Made in Shoe Heaven
Washington DC-based sneaker shop, Major, recently released a limited edition pair of sneakers called, MAJOR x Reebok Phase 1 Pro “Stars and Stripes”, to celebrate Independence Day. But what makes these sneakers even more valuable, is their protection against fraud utilizing the Ethereum technology.
transparency adoption process
July 1st 2016
Transparency Could Ease the Adoption Process
Trying to start a family is strenuous enough. Adding extra paperwork and time only makes it worst, but hopefully with blockchain technology, the entire process of starting a family will be smoother.
universities introduce blockchain
June 24th 2016
Universities to Introduce Blockchain Technology
The blockchain, a transparent public record, would be able to help the universities. Not only will it save them money from developing their own database, the blockchain will also save students and their future employers time down the line.
award show blockchain voting makeover
June 24th 2016
Voting for Award Shows Require a Blockchain Makeover
The Academy, and other award shows can also create smart contracts to validate the winners. People may see the winners announced on television, but the blockchain will justify the achievement.
buying Ether guide
June 16th 2016
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Ether
This simple step-by-step guide to buying Ether for first-timers will help you get a piece of the Ether pie.
IC3 crypto bootcamp
June 17th 2016
IC3 & the Ethereum Foundation Create Crypto Boot Camp
Toward the end of July, from the 20th to the 28th, IC3 is putting on a weeklong Ethereum Crypto Boot Camp! For any open-source developers, or blockchain novices and experts who want to learn, contribute, or advance smart contract solutions, this boot camp is the perfect opportunity to do so.
micropayments computer
May 27th 2016
The Microcosm of Micropayments
Breaking away from big broadcasting and streaming services, and moving into micropayments.

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