Upcoming ICO to follow
November 19th 2016
Top ICO’s on the Blockchain to Follow
With so many new Dapps and blockchain platforms launching their Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), we thought to highlight this past week's top players and their recent or upcoming crowdfunds.
Arcade city welcomes new mayor
November 18th 2016
Arcade City Christopher David Steps Down: Interview with the New Mayor
Christopher David decides to step away from his CEO position of “Mayor”, and hands the new title over to Ethereum community member, Bernd Lapp. ETHNews interviews Bernd Lapp on the crowdsale and new Arcade City developments.
Announcing ethermint
November 17th 2016
Ethermint: A Sweet New Modification
Integration between GoEthereum and Tendermint has finally arrived. After demand for a solution to the proof-of-work problem was expressed at Devcon Shanghai earlier this year, Tendermint stepped in with a minimum modification of GoEthereum that includes Byzantine fault-tolerant consensus.
SuperDAO chooses ETH
November 17th 2016
SuperDAO Chooses ETH
SuperDAO changes from working on ETC over to ETH. Here's why.
Put your money contract bug bounty
November 15th 2016
Put Your Money Where Your Contract Is Bug Bounty Program
"Put Your Money Where Your Contract Is" is a bounty manager contract that allows high stake contract creators to set up bounty programs with minimal overhead, and provides higher confidence for challengers that they will receive the award if they are successful.

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