blockchain post office delivery
June 20th 2016
Blockchain Delivers for Post Office
The USPS is kicking around the idea of developing its own cryptocurrency that would tentatively be called “Postcoin.” This in-house digital currency could help to alleviate problems with international money transfers and also make it easier to streamline existing resources.
DAO hack
June 17th 2016
Ethereum Blockchain is Safe Despite the DAO Hack
Weighing in on the DAO Hack: This hack only impacts the DAO, and not the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain does not have the same vulnerabilities as the DAO, but we as a community, need to decide how best to respond to this situation.
DAO side Vader Ether
June 10th 2016
Come to the DAO Side
Innovation is ultimately what fuels and sustains the DAO, making it self-sufficient and negating the need for a central host. It is Ethereum’s way of allocating Ether into research and development.
microsoft consensys human rights
June 9th 2016
Microsoft, ConsenSys & the Blockchain Tackle Human Rights
Microsoft is collaborating with ConsenSys and Blockstack Labs to work with a team of developers on the formation of a blockchain identity system that would enable authorities to track down both criminals and victims of human rights violations.
gemini licensed
June 3rd 2016
Gemini: The First Licensed Bitcoin and Ether Exchange
“There is a place for Ether on our platform. It does what bitcoin can’t do,” Cameron Winklevoss told Reuters. “So that is the sort of criteria: that it is different enough from bitcoin and the proposition is great enough that this makes sense for us to include it in our platform.”

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