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Money2020 vitalik buterin ethereum
October 25th 2016
Money 20/20: Vitalik Buterin Discusses Ethereum
Money 20/20 is a four day long event covering everything within the financial and payments industry. Blockchain is the new hot topic at Money 20/20 with a track on Ethereum.


Wallets And Exchanges



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October 10th 2016
Interview with Status: A Mobile Light Client Ethereum Messaging App
Status is an open source light client that operates similarly to a messenger app. Unlike, Mist, which is targeted for desktop computers, Status aims to bring Ethereum to users’ mobile Android and iOS devices, with a built-in messaging platform.

Law And Legislation


Akasha announces pre launch
September 30th 2016
AKASHA Announces Pre-Alpha Launch
AKASHA, which stands for Advanced Knowledge Architecture for Social Human Advocacy just announced that their pre-alpha version of AKASHA will be launched in October.


ETHNews interviews the owner of
August 31st 2016
Who is Ethereum Classic?
The month old community may have a powerful message, but we still do not know who they are. Arvicco provides ETHnews with some answers.


Ethereum in focus
October 24th 2016
Ethereum in Focus: Outlook for 2017
As the community looks towards 2017, there’s a sense of renewed enthusiasm but this time it’s tempered by reason, caution and objectivity.



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