Jeffrey Berns

Ceo, ETHNews

Jeffrey Berns is a lawyer and CEO of BernsInc. and ETHNews

Bitfinex Solution Fraught With Issues
August 18th 2016
Bitfinex Solution Fraught With Issues
In light of the recent hacking incident that resulted in the theft of approximately $70 million, Bitfinex chose to reduce customer deposits by 36% to equally distribute the losses. This solution raises substantial concerns.
Blockchain apps transform p2p payments
August 11th 2016
Blockchain Apps Will Transform P2P Payments
Venmo and other web-based social-finance apps are growing in popularity, but they generally have substantial limitations because of the internet's functionality. Blockchain technology removes these limitations, and will be at the forefront of transforming the way in which value is transferred between individuals throughout the world.
Regulatory discrimination against miners has been shortsighted.
August 3rd 2016
Regulatory Discrimination Against Miners Is Shortsighted
Iowa’s approach to creating an environment for attracting high density load companies to the state stands in stark contrast with Washington’s decision to raise electricity rates for them. Regulators should be mindful of balancing their short-term financial goals with the need to attract and maintain innovative businesses.

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