Brianne Rivlin

Writer, ETHNews

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over six years. For more than a year of that time, she has been heavily inundated with the blockchain, virtual currency, and Ethereum technology.

colony 100 on ETH
August 5th 2016
Why Colony is 100% on ETH
Originally opponents of the hard fork decision, Colony released a statement as to why they’re now 100% working on ETH.
100 working on ETH
August 3rd 2016
I Am 100% Working on ETH
Today the Ethereum Reddit page became flooded with posts of tweets from some of the top names in Ethereum. Each tweet states: I am working 100% on ETH.
51 pool
August 1st 2016
Proposed 51% Attack on the ETC
A group called 51Pool is an anti-ETC group that is rallying together to execute the infamous 51% attack to destroy the ETC network.

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